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Guided Kayaking & Rentals

Colorado Rafting Company offers guided inflatable kayaking trips and rentals

Colorado Rafting Company offers inflatable kayak rentals and guided tours in central Colorado. From rentals, to courses and clinics, to guided river and lake trips, CRC is your premier one-stop shop for everything inflatable kayaking in Colorado. We offer high performance gear and highly experienced and knowledgeable guides for your paddling adventure.

We run trips and rentals daily from Early-May to September! Book an adventure online or CALL TODAY to reserve your Colorado kayaking adventure.


Inflatable Kayaks aka Ducky’s

guided kayaking adventure

Inflatable Kayaks are an amazing way to explore the waterways of Colorado! Here at CRC we are your one-stop shop with guided half day, full day, and overnight inflatable kayak river trips on the Upper Colorado River and half day island hopping tours on the pristine Lake Dillon. Inflatable kayaks, commonly referred to as “Duckies”, are an amazing way for the more adventurous spirits to enjoy their own trip on the lake or down the river. Want to explore on your own? Check out our grab-and-go rentals and take one of our kayaks out to explore on your own.

Guided Kayak River Trips

Guided kayak river trip

The waters of the Upper Colorado River make a perfect playground for inflatable kayaks. An intimate way to experience the river, inflatable kayaks are great for the more adventurous soul or somebody looking for a different experience than a raft. There are several stretches of slow moving water on our Colorado River trips that are perfect to play around on before hitting the canyon for a taste of some whitewater. All of our inflatable kayak trips depart with our half day, full day, and overnight rafting trips which allows you to add-on a kayak to your rafting adventure so if some people want to raft and some want to kayak, we can accommodate! Contact us and we can help guide you to the right kayaking activity for you and your group. Rentals and trips are based on availability and do book out fast. Single and double kayaks available. All trips meet at our Upper Colorado River boathouse near Bond, CO.

Inflatable Kayak Half Day Trip

Inflatable Kayak Trip

Time: 9:00 am & 1:00 pm

Location: Upper Colorado River

Meeting Location: Colorado Rafting Company Boathouse

4199 Trough Rd, Bond, CO 80423

Duration: Half day (~ 3.5 hours )

Class: I-III (Family Float)

Season: May – September

Price: $99 person

Minimum Age: 12 years old. May vary with water flows*

Inflatable Kayak Full Day Trip

Full Day guided Kayak trip

Time: 9:00 am

Location: Upper Colorado River

Meeting Location: Colorado Rafting Company Boathouse

4199 Trough Rd, Bond, CO 80423

Duration: Full Day (~8 hours)

Class: I-III (Family Float)

Season: May – September

Price: $165 person

Minimum Age: 12 years old. May vary with water flows

Inflatable Kayak Overnight Trip

Kayak overnight

Time: 8:30 am

Location: Upper Colorado River

Meeting Location: Colorado Rafting Company Boathouse

4199 Trough Rd, Bond, CO 80423

Duration: 2 Days with overnight

Class: I-III (Family Float)

Season: May – September

Price: $400 person

Minimum Age: 12 years old. May vary with water flows

Inflatable Kayak Island Hopping Tour

One of our most popular tour kayaking trips! This half day Kayak Island Tour is the perfect trip for family’s, corporate outings, or the beginner to get their feet wet. This tour takes folks on a paddle adventure around the many lake islands on and is protected within the Frisco Bay area. With stunning scenery, abundant wildlife, small islands and a protected shoreline you can’t ask for a better area to paddle. These tours depart daily please click book now for availability, we always recommend the earliest available time, due to weather. Group and private tours available. All equipment provided, just bring your swim suit, a towel, and hydration.

Time: 9AM and 2PM

Meeting Location: CRC Boathouse @ 204 Ryan Gulch Rd. Silverthorne, CO 80498

Duration: 1/2 day ( 3-4 hours)

Price: $79/person (4 person minimum to run the trip)

Minimum Age: 6 years old when accompanied by an adult 18 years or older

Inflatable Kayak Rentals

Colorado Rafting Company Rentals

Are you ready for a fun filled day on the river or reservoir?! Rent your own inflatable kayak (ducky) to enjoy some fun in the sun! Renting an inflatable kayak to explore the Colorado River is one of the best ways to enjoy a day in the Rocky Mountains.

Summit County and the surrounding areas have a variety of options to explore with inflatable kayaks. Ask our knowledgeable staff for recommendations to local reservoirs, high alpine lakes, and rivers to enjoy your ducky rentals.

Colorado Activity Packages

Colorado Adventure Packages

Boating is one of Colorado’s most staple summer activities but it doesn’t just stop there. Join Colorado Rafting Company for A Colorado Experience (ACE) and package your rafting experience with other amazing Colorado adventures.

Whether it’s hiking through the beautiful and rugged Rocky Mountain hiking trails, or tackling one of our local rock climbing crags, or even putting the pedals to dirt on one of the many amazing mountain biking trails. From Full Day to Multi Day Packages, Colorado Rafting Company is your one stop shop for Colorado Adventure in the Summit County area.

Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on what you’re interested in. Our lake tours operate once ice-free which averages around May and lasts through October. For the river, if big, exciting water is what your group is looking for, then high-water season is the best time. Mid-June to early July is traditionally the high-water season. When rivers run at their peak, it can make for a big ride. Keep in mind some sections may close due to high water conditions. Most people enjoy a normal run off-season, which is mid-May to late-August. Water levels and weather are very unpredictable, so book a date that best suits the group and be prepared for the unexpected. There really is no bad time to go kayaking in Colorado.

Yes. For our Lake Dillon Lake tours our minimum age is 6 years or older in a kayak if they are accompanied by a legal guardian. You must be 18 years or older to attend a trip on your own. We have an age limit of 12 years old for the Colorado River trips. During times of high water, we typically bump the age limit up.

Nope! Each person will be fitted with a Type-V Coast Guard-approved personal flotation device (life jacket) to be worn while on the water at all times. This life jacket is designed to float the wearer on his/her back with his/her head out of the water. Guests are instructed on the proper use of this life jacket in a safety orientation talk before departure. It does help to have some knowledge of swimming, especially in some of the more aggressive sections of water.

Our guides make a base wage similar to a bartender or wait person. General guidelines for tipping would be the same as for a bartender or a waitperson (15-20%). If you do believe in tipping, and the guide has proven to do a great job, it is a nice way to express your appreciation but only if you feel you had a safe, fun, and informative experience. If you did not have a pleasurable and adequate experience, we would appreciate it if you would please bring it to the attention of our management. Feedback and letters from our guests are greatly appreciated and helps us maintain the highest standard of customer service and appreciation.

Avoid cotton clothing, as it tends to get wet and stay wet – not to mention taking valuable warmth from your body’s surface. For rafting, bathing suits and shorts are recommended with comfortable, secure footwear. While not required, we do provide wetsuits, splash jackets, and booties at no additional charge. This equipment isn’t mandatory but it is designed to keep you warm. Towels are best kept in your vehicles at the office and don’t do you much good on the water because there is no way to keep them dry.  For rafting, kayaking, and other activities your best bet would be materials such as wool, polypro, fleece, micro fleece, polyester, waterproof jackets, and any other outdoor material that dries fast. There is limited space on the boats, so you should limit what you bring to what you can wear. Personal flotation devices (PFDs) are included with all adventures and helmets on all river trips. If you have any questions please give us a call and we can give you information so that you know what to expect and can plan accordingly.

All our guides go through extensive training, basic first aid, CPR, and all river guides are certified by the state of Colorado. Rafting is an adventure sport and involves a degree of risk on the part of the participant. Although we take precautions to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable trip, we cannot be responsible for lost or damaged articles and/or personal injury. It is important for the group to choose a trip within their entire group’s limits. Colorado Rafting Company/Colorado Adventure Guides is committed to the safety of our guests. Due to the inherently dangerous nature of some outdoor recreation activities in the backcountry, all participants are required to acknowledge these risks by reading and signing a liability waiver prior to trip departure. All participants under the age of 18 must have a liability/health history waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian. In addition to this form, the health history questionnaire must be filled out for each participant. All information submitted is completely confidential; it is for the guide’s use and would only be shared in the event of an emergency with medical and/or rescue personnel directly caring for the guest. It is Colorado Rafting Company’s policy that all Emergency Contacts be a person over the age of 18 and not participating in the same guided trip or course.

For river trips you will want to bring a few towels to leave in your car; you’ll be happy to have something to dry off with after your adventure. Bring a change of dry clothes to leave in your car. Bring sunscreen, sunglasses, sunglass straps and hats that protect from the sun, and a camera to document the amazing memories. Bring water for pre-rafting and post-rafting hydration.. Remember, you’re in the Colorado Rockies, and it’s important to stay hydrated! We also suggest bringing cash to tip your guide. Please see our equipment lists for other activity specific gear.

The weather in the Colorado Rocky Mountains is very unpredictable and varies from mile to mile and minute to minute. Colorado averages over 300 days of sunshine a year. The odds are, the weather will be good. We run our outdoor activities in all weather conditions, rain or shine, and have gear available to help keep you comfortable, even in the worst conditions. Wetsuits, neoprene booties, and splash tops can really make a big difference and make your trip a pleasurable one. Don’t forget, you’re going to get wet kayaking, even on the sunniest of days. Weather is typically not a cause for cancellation.

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